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everyone is victim to this scam!!

ATLANTIC CITY, N.J. (AP) - A New Jersey casino is reimbursing players in a poker tournament that was suspended after counterfeit chips were discovered.

More than 2,100 entrants who finished outside the top 450 and played in the same room as the North Carolina man who is accused of introducing the fake chips will get $560, including a refund of their $60 entry fees from the Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa[icon1].

The final 27 players are to share the remaining prize money[icon1], which comes to $19,323 each.

The 423 gamblers who fell outside the top 27 but in the money are not to get further payments. But those who have not been paid will be.

All entrants will get back their $60 fee under the deal, which was ordered by the state Division of Gaming Enforcement.

Between fees[icon1] refunds and prizes, the casino is to pay out $1.7 million.

The Borgata enhanced security and introduced more intricate chips for its poker tournament last week.

Christan Lusardi of Fayetteville, N.C., was charged with theft and rigging a public contest after the January tournament was suspended over the fake chips.

Authorities said Lusardi, suspecting his fake chips had been noticed, flushed them down the toilet in his hotel room at Harrah’s Resort Atlantic City, where he had been staying. But the chips clogged the pipes, and guests on the floor below complained that water was dripping into their rooms.

Maintenance was called, and they found the chips, with a tournament value of 2.7 million, although they had no actual cash value.

Lusardi is in custody awaiting trial, and it’s unclear whether he has hired an attorney.

Read more: http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2014/apr/15/casino-paying-out-after-marred-poker-tournament/#ixzz2z3T42WSO
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So Michael is now going under the name Christian Lusardi?

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Following up on this story, it looks like 7 of the players of the tournament are suing Borgata over this.  This is good news, if you ask me.  I hope they burn Borgata on it.  You hear too often stories of antics at poorly run tournaments in these casinos, and they're supposed to be the professionals.  I experienced it myself, albeit on a staggeringly smaller scale.  Maybe a lawsuit like this will scare them straight.  Because, while it's not Borgata's fault that some douche introduced counterfeit chips into the tournament, it is their fault for lacking proper surveillance in certain rooms where the tournament was held and for not taking a proper chip inventory regularly enough.  If they'd been awake at the switch, they could've smoked him out early and repaired the damage in order to proceed with the game, rather than discovering it only by the time the entire tournament had been compromised and having to stop it altogether.
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