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even the venerable 1900's genius mr. seymour may find this one a bit daunting...

Mr. S. and Mr. P. are both perfect logicians, being able to correctly deduce
any truth from any set of axioms. Two integers (not necessarily unique) are
somehow chosen such that each is within some specified range. Mr. S.
is given the sum of these two integers; Mr. P. is given the product of these
two integers. After receiving these numbers, the two logicians do not
have any communication at all except the following dialogue:
<<1>> Mr. P.: I do not know the two numbers.
<<2>> Mr. S.: I knew that you didn't know the two numbers.
<<3>> Mr. P.: Now I know the two numbers.
<<4>> Mr. S.: Now I know the two numbers.

Given that the above statements are absolutely truthful, what are the two

Dan: How do you do it?
Ramon: Do what?
Dan: How do you hit the flop every time?
Ramon: Oh ... you just gotta close your eyes.
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