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For everyone's edification, below is the craigslist ad recently run to fish for some new players:

Weekly Home Hold'Em TOURNAMENT in Hoboken Seeking NEW PLAYERS! (Hoboken, NJ)

Weekly hold'em tourney running for 7+ years, every Wednesday night. Long-standing core group of players looking to welcome new faces. Age range is mid-20's to early 40's, with most in the dead center. Everything from family men to actual hobos. Games currently averaging 10-16 players a week. Friendly but competitive $20 buy-in tournament. Legit game on the up & up, host does not take a rake of any kind nor asks to share any expenses. It's BYO weekly hangout style, very easy-going. We track results and keep standings, just to be dorks, with trophies and hoagies and shit at the end of the year. Must be comfortable in the presence of excessive booze, cigarettes, sports, profanity, multiple pets, loud conversation, sports, and close quarters not ideally suited for this kind of large weekly gathering but fuck you we do it anyways. Join us! Email for details.

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That is the most realistic description of our game yet! lol
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